Great Burger Quest

Even though it's a little off the beaten track, the Oaken Barrel in Greenwood proves the adage that you can’t hide a good restaurant. This microbrewery touts its award-winning brews but the real treasure is their great food. In looking for great burgers all over town, this makes my list.

The Wisconsin burger, pictured here, was the choice of this visit. The one third pound patty is served on toasted sourdough bread and includes cheddar , sautéed mushrooms, bacon, barbecue sauce, and mayo. In a manner which seems to happen infrequently, the server asked for my cooking preference.

I ordered my Wisconsin burger without barbecue sauce and cooked medium. It arrived precisely that way. The flavors mixed well and the grilled sourdough was a nice departure from a bun. The burger came with steak fries that were exceptional.

On a previous trip I upgraded to onion rings, ordered alongside the Tex-Mex burger which ensured I'd be back. Oaken Barrel's Tex Mex has pepper jack cheese, jalapenos, pico de gallo and spicy chipotle mayonnaise, making it the perfect choice if a little spice is your style.

The Oaken Barrel is in Greenwood at exit 99 about a mile west of I-65. It’s a short drive from downtown.

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28 Jul 2017